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Student Discounts
Press Release:

Press Release: 8/01/03
           Welcome Students
We understand that students, don't have a lot of extra cash. That doesn't mean that you should receive, any less service then our regular full paying clients. We are quite familar with Modern Hairstyling, Clipper Cutting, and Layer Cutting. We are happy to work with you, on your individual hair needs. We stress the appointment system, as we have a very small staff. Same day appointments are usually available, except on Saturday.
The Student Discount Price is $16.00
(wet/cut/and go) Shampoo and blowdrys are not included in this price.
We accept cash and checks as payments sorry, we do not accept Credit Cards:

The first thing we ask:
"How do you want your hair cut?"

This is the first and an important part of your haircut. Foreign Students often have a hard time with this. Sometimes it's frustrating as you may not understand what is being asked of you, when we ask "How do you want your hair cut?" We get answers like "smaller," "shorter," "a little bit," "I don't know," and even "professionally effervescent." Since we may have never cut your hair before, these are relative terms we won't understand. You will need to be a little more concise, in your description. You can use your picture on your Student ID, a picture from your Cellular Phone or even a magazine. All of these things help us to communicate so you get the hairstyle you desire.

Use 1/2 and Inches in your description.
Another way to assist us is to tell us exactly how long ago you had your hair cut. We know that hair grows 1/2 inch a month. We can somewhat discern how much growth there is from that, but not exactly.

If you tell us one month, that's what we will cut off, if it's actually been a longer period of time then one month, you will not get the result you hope to achieve.   

How long you would like it to be, (finished result) on the top, sides, and back of your hair?

Example: "I would like my hair to be cut so it is, 1/2 inch on the sides and back, and 1 inch on the top."

Example: "I would like 2 inches cut off my current style. I would also like the ends layered." 

Do you want your hair to cover or be cut above/over/around, your ears?
Do you use an electric clipper? What size is it?
(Clipper sizes are in 1/8 inch sizes)
              # 1 = 1/8 inch
              # 2 = 1/4 inch
              # 3 = 3/8 inch
              # 4 = 1/2 inch
              # 5 = 5/8 inch
              # 6 = 6/8 inch
              # 7 = 7/8 inch
              # 8 = 1 inch
*Clippers are mostly used on the sides and back of the head to taper the hair. They can be used on the top, for a short buzz cut also. 

If you would like to bring a picture, please do so and we will be happy to discuss it with your particular hair type. 

Tipping Etiquette Salons:
Hair Stylist or Color Specialist - 10-20%. $3-5 extra for last-minute service. Owner who provides any of the above services-follow the rule above. The location of the service provider is irrelevant in determining the tip. It doesn't matter if they work in a salon, rent their space, or work out of their home.

Discounts, Coupons, and Gift Certificates: If you received a discount, coupon, or gift certificate, how do you calculate the tip? Tipping is always based upon the normal price of the good or service. If you get a discount for 20% off, then tip on the original price. The amount of work done by the server is not less because you paid less.



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